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Our Mission

Cayo Residency seeks to bridge the beauty of the natural world, scientific exploration, collaborative conversations, and biology-based research to facilitate a meaningful creative environment for artists. Based on the island of Eleuthera in the cerulean waters of the Bahamas, our goal is to provide artists with a variety of stimulating experiences with which they can conceive new projects or deepen established creative practices. By tapping into the intrinsic intelligence, design and beauty of nature, our artists return home as stewards of ecology, stimulated to protect and educate others with their work.

Cayo accepts Artists who encompasses scientific, biological and ecological foundations within their artistic process.


Cayo Residency


The Residency

Cayo Residency takes place in the heart of Eleuthera Island. Each of the two 10-day residencies hosts four Art Explorers. In addition, we select one Artist in Residence to participate and make his/her work for the full three weeks.

Art Explorers

The Explorers are asked to use their time at the residency is to explore, converse, collaborate, research, and deepen their appreciation of the natural world.


The AIR works on their own project and research while at the residency, while also providing feedback and guidance to each group of art explorers.

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As part of the residency experience, we provide workshops that encourage critical thinking, ecological awareness, specimen collection and material exploration.

Accommodations & Provisions

We provide transportation during the residency, lodging, meals and snacks, and entrance fees to parks and institutions.

About the Island

Settlers fleeing religious and political persecution in Bermuda founded a settlement on the island in 1648 and proclaimed themselves the Eleuthera Adventurers. They named it Eleuthera a name that has its roots in the Ancient Greek word for freedom.

Who We Are

Meet our team and past residents!


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